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Equine massage therapist Bristol

Equine Massage

How could massage therapy help my horse:

- Acts as an 'early warning system' for detecting any issues developing

- Correcting compensatory issues before they develop as more chronic trauma

- Ensures muscles are functioning at their best which in turn improves gait, performance and stamina meaning the horse can work at their best ability for longer

- Helps protect tendons and ligaments

- Improving circulation to aid repair and rehabilitation, as well as producing a shinier coat

- Releasing endorphins and producing a sense of well-being and relaxation for the horse


A horse has an interesting physiology.  Designed to be flight animals, Mother Nature gave the horse a sleek, light lower leg to enable a fast run from danger.  It’s a great idea.  But in doing so, she created a small problem for the modern working horse.  Their lower leg is incredibly vulnerable to injury, relying only on tendons and ligaments to produce a huge amount of impulsion to enable our equine friends to run, school and jump. Too often people wait for their horse to show signs of muscular discomfort before treating. A good massage as part of your horse's regular routine can prevent problems developing.

Price: £45
Duration: 1 hour

The results of Equine Massage...


(Darcy's owner)

"Seeing how Darcy reacts to Nicky is just amazing to watch."
"Would Highly recommend to anyone."


(Rebel's owner)

"Nicky was so gentle with him (Rebel), taking time to reassure him, praise him & work at a pace that benefitted him."


(Strider's owner)

"Nicky was so thorough and took great care on the whole of his body. Not just the areas I mentioned but found and released tension in places I didn't even know existed."
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