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Founder of Fizzical Dexterity, Ellie

What led me to Fizzical Dexterity...

The name Fizzical Dexterity comes from the two most influential dogs in my life, Fizzy and Dexter. I believe that dogs improve all of our lives to an enormous extent, from service dogs to household pets, and we have the responsibility to do the same for them.


When I was 5 years old I got my first family pet, a Golden Labrador called Fizzy. Throughout her 13 years of life, she struggled with various musculoskeletal conditions including, Cranial Cruciate Ligament disease (CCL), Elbow Dysplasia and Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD). Towards her later few years of life, she received holistic therapy including massage, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and acupuncture and I got to see her thrive under this treatment, which ultimately extended her time with us, as well as greatly improved her quality of life.

In 2018, I got the opportunity to live in France for a week and volunteer in a canine and feline rescue centre, where my primary role was to care for two Czech Wolves. As well as having the honour of meeting these two amazing animals, I also fell in love with a 1 year old rescue dog who now lives with me back in England. Dexter has also had his challenges including Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD) and various behavioural problems, both of which have also been improved with therapy.

As well as experience with my own dogs and volunteering at a shelter, I have also been lucky enough to undertake various canine related work placements, employment opportunities and gained various canine qualifications.

Cindy and Pearl's owner:

"Just had Ellie come to visit and treat 2 of my elderly dogs, my goodness what a kind and sensitive lady she is, very tuned in to the dogs sensitivities, very knowledgeable."


Equine Massage Therapist

Fizzical Dexterity proudly partners Equine Massage Therapies

Nicky is a fully qualified Equine Massage Therapist working in Bristol and Bath. 


Nicky has always had a passion for horses and loves spending her weekends having fun with her tri-coloured mare, Foxy. 

Equine Massage bristol
Specalist dog walker Newcastle and surrounding areas


Dog Walker

Emma has worked alongside Fizzical Dexterity since September 2022. She offers dog walking services in Keynsham, Saltford, Hanham, Oldland Common, Bitton and Longwell Green. She has a spaniel called Arlo and a cat called Dookie.


Assistant dog walker

Darcey has worked alongside Fizzical Dexterity since September 2022. She helps Emma on group walks or with reactive dogs. Her favourite breed is Golden Retrievers.

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