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Dog with separation anxiety

Frequently Asked Questions

My dog doesn't have any medical issues, would massage still benefit them?

Yes! Massage has so many benefits, on top of rehabilitation, including: releasing endorphins, relaxation, weight loss, building muscle, desensitisation, encouraging healthy growth, increasing/monitoring range of motion and much more!

Do you have experience with reactive or anxious dogs?

Ellie takes all reactive clients as she has experience with a variety of forms of reactivity, temperaments and behaviours. She has also cared for two prey driven Czech wolves, engaged in work experience at a canine training centre and completed an Animal Training module at Hartpury Animal College.

Do you offer solo or group walks?

Both! Group walks will only ever be a maximum of 2 large or 3 small dogs per staff member.

Will my insurance company cover massage treatment?

In a lot of occasions, yes! Massage therapy can be claimed under insurance but this is dependant on the company you use, your level of cover and any pre-existing conditions.

Do I travel to you, or do you come to me?

We only offer home visit service. For massage, your therapist will come to you and treat your animal at your home. For pet sitting, a member of our team will stay in your property and provide all the care your animal needs from the comfort of their own home.

How many massage sessions will my dog need?

This varies from dog-to-dog. For example, with cases where massage is needed to help recovery from an operation, it could mean massage is advised for a few months of regular treatment and then gets reduced to bi-annual check ups. However, with chronic conditions like arthritis or for palliative care, massage is booked regularly for the foreseeable future.

Do you only offer pet sitting for dogs?

We specialise in dogs but may also be able to accommodate cats, rabbits or even fish in the same household.

Do you offer any multiple animal discounts?

Yes! Not only do we offer discounts for booking multiple dogs, our equine-canine packages are also increasingly popular! Exact prices to be discussed on an individual basis.

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