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Client Testimonials

Dog with anxiety Newcastle

"I can’t recommend Ellie enough for any dog walking and sitting needs. Ollie can be very nervous and reactive on walks so trusting someone to look after your dog is hard especially for longer periods of time. Ellie listen and implemented all our strategies on walks and gave me the reassurance Ollie was in good hands. Her knowledge, experience and understanding of dogs is amazing - such a calming influence. Ellie recently looked after him for 6 hours and it was amazing to see him settle so quickly and stay nice and calm. Thank you so much!!!"

Ollie's owner

"I highly recommend Fizzical Dexterity, Rogan had his second massage and already I am so impressed with the results! Ellie is brilliant with him and very knowledgeable, not only massaging Rogan but also explaining everything to me and leaving us with exercises to work on between appointments. Thank you so much from a happy owner and sprollie"

Rogan's owner

Dog with behavioural conditions in Newcastle
Nervous dog North East

"Just had Ellie come to visit and treat 2 of my elderly dogs, my goodness what a kind and sensitive lady she is, very tuned in to the dogs sensitivities, very knowledgeable and has left me with some exercises to help support them until her next visit, a nice quiet afternoon for me as they're all zonked now after some great tension releases, thankyou so much"

Cindy and Pearl's owner

"Ellie is marvellous with my anxious and over aroused border collie, Ripley. Ellie is gentle and works with what Ripley is able to do on the day and ensures that Ripley does not get worries about her massage. Ripley always moves much better when she has regular massages with Ellie."

Ripley's owner

Reactive dog Newcastle
Dog walker Bristol

"Lottie loves going out with Emma for her walks twice a week and trots off happily with her, Lottie immediately liked her and they connected well"

Lottie's owner

"I simply can't believe the difference in her, she's so much more supple in her movements and is much more comfortable even hopping up onto the sofa. She's being really responsive to her stretches, in a very positive way, wish I'd had you out sooner, can't wait for you to see her progress"

Zelda's owner

Elderly dog care
Equine massage Bristol

"I cannot recommend Nicky enough, she's absolutely amazing with my youngster. She was super tight everywhere with a sore back and is quite frankly a handful and kicky across her back end, however Nicky comes in nice and calm allowing my mare to feel comfortable with her and relaxed. I've had a few visits but today we were given the all clear to start light ridden work with the help from Nicky being a superstar helping Sky feel a lot looser and comfortable in herself. Defo looking forward to more visits."

Sky's owner

"I can highly recommend Ellie. Very professional and knowledgeable. Toddy thoroughly enjoyed his massage as you can see!! Thank you Ellie"

Toddy's owner

 Elderly dog care Bristol
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