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Puppy training Newcastle

Puppy Massage

This is a fun and positive experience for dogs under 8 months of age.


Puppy massage has many various benefits:

  • Detecting early signs of musculoskeletal conditions

  • Desensitisation to being handled (this will help with future groomers and vet visits!)

  • Promoting healthy bone growth and muscle development

  • Releasing endorphins (happy hormones)

  • Relaxation for energetic youngsters

  • Cellular development, mineralization of joints, hormone deliver and boosting the immune system, all of which are vital for healthy growth

It is so beneficial to start massage therapy from a young age, particularly if musculoskeletal conditions are involved. Puppy massage will help to build and maintain muscle surrounding the injury, monitor range of motion and progression of the disease/injury as well as help lifestyle management.

Post-session activities are provided to work on between sessions and these are designed to aid bonding between puppy and owner.

Price: £20
Duration: 30 minutes

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