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Canine Massage

The overall aims of massage therapy are to increase circulation, induce relaxation and promote healing.

It can benefit every dog in a variety of different ways. This includes:

  • Anxiety relief for stress-prone dogs

  • Palliative (end of life) care for elder dogs

  • Rehabilitation for post-surgery or musculoskeletal conditions

  • Building muscle for competition dogs

  • Simple health check-ups for your beloved pets

Throughout a massage session, every dog is massaged, mobilised, stretched and given a simple health check. Gait assessments are also a necessity before every massage and post-session advice and stretches will be given for owners to work on between sessions. Laser therapy may also be used throughout massage sessions as and when required.


Further benefits that people aren't usually aware of include:

  • Enhancing lymphatic drainage

  • Removal of toxins

  • Adjusting tissue tension

  • Realigning muscle fibres

  • Releasing endorphins and enkephalins

  • Reducing pain perception 

  • Increasing range of motion

Current legislation states that veterinary permission is needed before any dog can receive massage treatment. Once this has been completed, a dog will then need an Initial Assessment before Follow-ups or Laser Therapy can be booked.


Initial Assessment
Price: £30
Duration: 1 hour

Follow-up Treatment

Price: £25

Duration: 45 minutes

The results of Canine Massage...


(Zelda's owner)

"I simply can't believe the difference in her, she's so much more supple in her movements."


(Ripley's owner)

"Ripley always moves much better when she has regular massages with Ellie"


(Rogan's owner)

"Rogan has his second massage and already I am so impressed with the results!"
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